Our quest to make the most valuable NFTs on the Tezos blockchain — A new Pixel ($PXL) utility token launching on Crunchy, custom swag and a brand new strategic deck builder with play-for-reward functionality. See the summary timeline on our website:

The Pixel ($PXL) Utility Token + pxlDAO (Oct 2021)

PixelPotus is the first of many zany projects we plan to bring to Tezos! As such, $PXL is the utility token of the POTUS ecosystem, and beyond. It will be used to pay for in game assets, perks and services in our projects.

  • 100,000,000 Minted
  • 1,000,000 (1%) proportionally airdropped to the top 500 PixelPotus players based on a snapshot of their rarity score on November 23rd, 2021 at Midnight UTC.
  • 15,000,000 (15%) Private sale, 3mo lockup, 5mo slow release
  • 5,000,000 (5%) Crunchy IFO on October 30th, 2021.
  • 5,500,000 (5.5%) Reserved for initial Quipuswap listing
  • 11,000,000 (11%) Reserved for marketing & bounty programs
  • 10,000,000 (10%) Reserved to seed in game rewards
  • 5,000,000 (5%) Advisors, 3mo lockup, 5mo slow release
  • 10,000,000 (10%) Team, 3mo lockup, 5mo slow release
  • 37,500,000 (37.5%) Escrow, unlocked in chunks over time as needed to meet demand from gameplay.
  • These numbers are subject to change based on the project evolution.

pxlDAO will be used for voting on the direction of PixelPotus and all future projects from our team. It will also be used for unlocking perks for holders and its utility will grow with time. The only way to get it will be via farming and a few targeted airdrops.

  • Total supply of 1,000,000 pxlDAO
  • Farms will be announced after the IDO, most likely on crunchy.

The Pixel Shop (~Q1 2022)

  • T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs and more with PixelPotus-themed artwork.
  • Unique POTUS owners receive a percentage of profit from swag.
  • One-of-a-kind NFTs in the POTUS universe, commissioned from community artists
  • Some will be airdropped to pxlDAO holders randomly
  • Some will be on sale/auctioned.

“POTUS Debates” Trading Card Game (~Nov 2021 — Q2 2022)

A turn-based strategy trading card game where players try to exhaust the other player’s fortitude while managing their own. Each player brings their own champion (a legendary or unique POTUS selected from their collection) and a 15-card deck of debate tactics. All champions have a slightly different set of attributes that make each a unique playing style:

  • Fortitude (a value representing combined HP & Mana)
  • Affinity towards certain debate tactics (applies a multiplier)
  • Special abilities — one-time use or passive abilities​​

Debate tactics are an entirely new and custom set of NFT cards based on classical & modern strategies used in debate, but simplified so that the layman can quickly learn their use. Rarity on tactics will be partially based on potency as each card is minted with a random bonus multiplier on its base damage. Debate tactics come in 3 classes:

Good Faith (GF) arguments (ex. Finding common ground) are used for both attacking and defending and receive a bonus when The Crowd (see below) is shifted towards “enlightened citizens.”

Bad Faith (BF) arguments (ex. An Ad Hominem Fallacy) are used for both attacking and defending and receive a bonus when the crowd is shifted towards “irrational mob”.

Rhetorical Devices (RD) are played on GF or BF arguments and used as buffs, debuffs, card draws, damage mitigators and a slew of other interesting mechanics.

The Crowd of spectators will be in a random mood each time a debate starts. Their mood, ranging from irrational mob to enlightened citizens, will have an effect on all cards for both players. Rhetorical devices can be used to “work the crowd” and affect their mood during the course of gameplay.

We’ve been actively play testing and will publish the full ruleset for POTUS Debates in the coming weeks as things finalize.

Debates Fragments Card Collection(Nov 2021)

At you can claim a free debates tactic fragment each day and more for a fee in $PXL. Over time, you can collect all 3 unique fragments needed to forge a 1 star tactic, which will be usable in the campaign and pvp modes below. You can also collect multiple 1 stars and upgrade to 2 or 3 star tactics.

Campaign Game Mode — Player vs Environment with Rewards (~Q1 2022)

In campaign mode, you travel backwards in time debating each president in reverse order.

Some presidents will be “Bosses” and will be more difficult to beat.

Treasure room encounters will reward you with a crate of $PXL, Artifacts or Debate cards

If you encounter a popup $PXL market, you’ll have a chance to purchase rare debate cards and artifacts as a one-time opportunity.

Daily, weekly & monthly quests may be available.

PvP Game Mode — Win for Rewards! (Q2 2022)

Players must select a “Champion” POTUS from their collection. Only Legendary and Unique POTUSes are allowed, but there will be a loan system so anyone can play regardless of ownership.

It costs $PXL to initiate a debate and there are different tiered rooms.

  • You must bring your own deck & POTUS champion
  • While the majority goes to the winner of each match, some proceeds of the $PXL from PvP debates are shared with the community based on their ownership of legendary and unique POTUSes.

There are a total maximum supply of 10,395 playable POTUSes. To allow the game to scale and provide for would-be players who don’t own a POTUS to play, Legendary owners will be able to register their POTUSes and “seed” them into the loaner pool.

Players without a POTUS can borrow a champion from the loaner pool on a per-debate basis, but they share a portion (5–10%) of any $PXL rewards with the owners.

Players will be ranked on a combination of their win-loss ratio and their deck power. This will also affect matchmaking.


The $PXL economy is designed to be self-sustaining even with potential explosive growth brought on by the play-for-reward mechanics.

We will seed the Campaign mode with a chunk of $PXL to jump start the game, so early adopters will be able to earn rewards while PvP mode gains adoption.

Players will be able to earn way more rewards by developing their skill and winning in PvP mode.

As the game gains adoption, Unique & Legendary owners will continue to realize the benefits of their POTUSes.

Since only Epic, Legendary & Unique POTUSes can be used to play the game, it will drive continued growth of the base collectible game, as players vie to be one of the relatively few who will own a higher tier POTUS long term. This also has benefits for Unique minters, as the treasury continues to accrue 20% of base game fees (until the 45th treasury claim).


While the above roadmap represents the latest direction by the Pixel Global team, we reserve the right to make changes as needed to support the best interests of the project. In addition, as described above, voting by pxlDAO holders may also affect the above. We reserve the right to protect the interests of PixelPotus and other projects by observing any and all legislation including the restriction of participation in certain jurisdictions.

Revision Date: 12/31/2021

Copyright © Pixel Global, Ltd.

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