PixelPotus is LIVE on the Mainnet


You can join our communities at these official urls:

Technical Details

Our contract implements the Tezos FA2 standard, but has some added complexity on top to manage how & when POTUS tokens can be claimed, upgraded and traded. Users can freely transfer their POTUSes like any FA2 token, however we’ve included a built-in escrow based marketplace where users can post trades for other POTUS tokens, or for an amount of XTZ. The official software released by PixelPotus is:

  • arbitrarily upgrade POTUS tokens
  • change token caps or upgrade requirements
  • change fees for claiming, upgrading, or trading
  • have access to treasury funds or be able to drain them. (If no one claims unique POTUSes, these funds will remain locked in the contract forever!)
  • pause or disable contract features
  • Update/Upgrade token metadata. We have some fun plans for adding ongoing value to our NFTs by adding new versions of POTUS artwork to each level (such as animated gif versions). Our contract allows admins to add new artwork to token metadata.

Token Caps

Common: 10,000

Schedule of Fees

Trading (token for token): no fee (except network fees)



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