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May 25, 2021

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PixelPotus is LIVE on the Mainnet

Fellow citizens, the revolution has begun. PixelPotus, the president themed collectable card NFT competition we’ve been working on for the past few months, is now live on Tezos mainnet! This release represents months of development, planning & testing, and it’s exciting to see it finally in a state where we’re opening it to the world.

We deployed a release candidate of the PixelPotus production contract in April, and have been using the past several weeks to perform extensive testing of both the contract itself as well as the competitive game mechanics. Today we are confident about opening this contract to the public.

For a quick intro and overview, check out our explainer vid:

PixelPotus is a light collectable card game consisting of increasingly rare digital POTUSes (Presidents of the United States.) There are 45 POTUSes, each available in 6 levels of rarity.

45?! But isn’t Biden the 46th POTUS? Yes, but Grover Cleveland had two non consecutive terms as 22nd and 24th POTUS, thus only 45 unique POTUSes.

Anyone can claim a common POTUS token from our contract once per day. However, the higher level rarities can only be minted by collecting and then burning lower level tokens. That means if you want an George Washington, you’ll have to collect 2 commons and use the upgrade action to convert them into a single uncommon. The infographic below illustrates the full upgrade path.

In addition to the free claim, we allow each person to purchase up to 5 additional random POTUSes of common rarity for 0.125 tez each per day. However, claims are limited to a total of 5000 per day across all players, so it’s important to get your claims in as early as possible to not miss out. The claiming period resets each day around 12pm CT.

The highest level in each series is a unique NFT. As a bonus and incentive to be the first and only to mint these tokens, collectors will receive an automatic payout from the Treasury.

The Treasury accrues 20% of all claim and upgrade fees into a prize pool. Newly minted POTUS owners will each receive a 25% payout until the final (45th) unique POTUS token is minted — the final will receive whatever is remaining in the treasury. Our calculations estimate that collectors who mint a unique POTUS will receive up to 10x the cost of minting in an instant smart contract payout.

This is going to be a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you all on the inside!


You can join our communities at these official urls:

Technical Details

Our contract implements the Tezos FA2 standard, but has some added complexity on top to manage how & when POTUS tokens can be claimed, upgraded and traded. Users can freely transfer their POTUSes like any FA2 token, however we’ve included a built-in escrow based marketplace where users can post trades for other POTUS tokens, or for an amount of XTZ. The official software released by PixelPotus is:

The token contract contains valid metadata describing the properties of each POTUS token. You can see in depth stats by visiting https://www.pixelpotus.com/stats

We will , and are not able to (smart contractually speaking):

  • arbitrarily mint POTUS tokens
  • arbitrarily upgrade POTUS tokens
  • change token caps or upgrade requirements
  • change fees for claiming, upgrading, or trading
  • have access to treasury funds or be able to drain them. (If no one claims unique POTUSes, these funds will remain locked in the contract forever!)
  • pause or disable contract features

We can do the following things, and will under the given conditions:

  • Create a new POTUS series — only when a new president is elected in the USA every ~4 years or so. The new series will follow all existing rules and be freely claimable up to its 10,000 common token cap. (see below)
  • Update/Upgrade token metadata. We have some fun plans for adding ongoing value to our NFTs by adding new versions of POTUS artwork to each level (such as animated gif versions). Our contract allows admins to add new artwork to token metadata.

We’ve spent significant effort ensuring that our contract is foolproof and worthy of trust, but of course you can review the code yourself at the link above should you choose.

Token Caps

Common: 10,000

Uncommon: 5,000

Rare: 2,500

Epic: 1,250

Legendary: 250

Unique: 1

Schedule of Fees

Trading (token for token): no fee

Trading (token for xtz):

Claiming (1st claim per day): no fee

Claiming (2nd — 6th claim per day):

Patriot Packs:

Upgrading fees:

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