After the $PXL token launch / Crunchy IFO (which sold out in just 17 minutes) and the overwhelming support of the community, the Pixel team is proud to announce the launch of

PixelDebates is an NFT-powered card game themed around presidential debates.

PixelDebates TCG Game Board Teaser

The game has two components:

  1. NFT Debates Tactic Cards Collectable and Trading Game:
  • Currently live at, players get to randomly claim and collect fragments of tactic cards.
  • Collect and burn 15 x 2 Star cards to mint a 3 Star card.
Leveling Up
  • The Market allows players to trade, sell and buy tactics cards and fragments.

2. PixelDebates PvP and Campaign Battles:

Scheduled to launch in December 2021, the PixelDebates card game will allow players to build a deck of tactic cards, combine it with a POTUS champion from, and engage in PvP battles where they can stake and earn $PXL.

Players can build multiple decks for different game strategies.

The Pixel team does not keep any portion of the stakes of the games and redistributes 100% of the games’ proceeds to the community:

If the winner of a Debate PvP game owns an epic PixelPotus card (or a card of a higher rarity) they get 100% of their stakes back + 80% of the stakes of the loser. If not, the winner gets 90% of their stakes back + 80% of the stakes of the loser.

The rest is distributed among the PixelPotus holders of unique and legendary cards, with unique POTUS holders getting 5% of the total stakes (winner + loser stakes combined) of each game, and the rest distributed among legendary POTUS holders.

PixelDebates Launch Screen Teaser

A growing ecosystem:

PixelDebates is an important step in building the ecosystem centered around the $PXL token. It is one of a series of play-for-reward games on the Tezos blockchain — an ecosystem where the community is empowered and rewarded, and where the $PXL token gains ever more utility.

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