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Nov 21, 2021

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Let’s Spread the Love!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time for us to show our thankfulness to the community… 1,000,000 $PXL worth!

You guys rock! Since the launch of PixelPotus.com (our first NFT collectable competition card game) back on May 31st your support has been overwhelming. It’s thanks to you that we are reaching milestone after milestone of our roadmap, with the road only getting clearer and more fun as we advance together.

To fulfill our vision of creating an ecosystem of play-for-rewards games on the Tezos blockchain centered around the $PXL token, the Pixel team has more than tripled in size to now count 14 world-class talents dedicated full-time to the project in addition to heavyweight advisors, collaborators and support staff. However, our greatest asset remains our community who believes in what we do and actively participates in the guidance and fulfillment of our common vision.

Somebody mentioned 1,000,000 $PXL? :-)

Yeah, that!

Since we’re in the games business after all, we wanted to make it fun. So here’s how it’s gonna play:

  • We have opted to create a commemorative PixelPotus Founders coin that can ONLY be acquired in the upcoming airdrop scheduled on November 23rd, 2021.
PixelPotus Founders Edition Commemorative Coin
  • The top 500 PixelPotus.com members (based on their PixelPotus Rarity Score) will receive one (1) POTUS Founders edition token for every 100 points of rarity score during the snapshot that will be taken on November 23rd at 11:59 pm UTC. This should already be in your wallet!

Following the snapshot and commemorative coin drop, there will be 4 equal airdrops of 250,000 $PXL each, distributed proportionally based on the snapshot. The calculation works like this:

(Your rarity score / total sum of top 500 rarity score) * 250,000 = the amount of $PXL you will receive in each drop.

The first drop will happen Nov 24th, then 3 more drops spaced every 2 weeks. The dates are:

Nov 24th

Dec 8th

Dec 22nd

Jan 5th

Have fun!

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