After the $PXL token launch / Crunchy IFO (which sold out in just 17 minutes) and the overwhelming support of the community, the Pixel team is proud to announce the launch of

PixelDebates is an NFT-powered card game themed around presidential debates.

PixelDebates TCG Game Board Teaser

The game has two components:

  1. NFT Debates…


Our quest to make the most valuable NFTs on the Tezos blockchain — A new Pixel ($PXL) utility token launching on Crunchy, custom swag and a brand new strategic deck builder with play-for-reward functionality. See the summary timeline on our website:

The Pixel ($PXL) Utility Token + pxlDAO (Oct 2021)

PixelPotus is the first of many zany projects…

Pixel | Games & Defi

Pixel is producing gamified NFT drops and play-for-reward games on the Tezos blockchain. Reach out if you’d like to make your next project pixel-powered!

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