With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time for us to show our thankfulness to the community… 1,000,000 $PXL worth!

You guys rock! Since the launch of PixelPotus.com (our first NFT collectable competition card game) back on May 31st your support has been overwhelming. It’s thanks to you that we are reaching…

After the $PXL token launch / Crunchy IFO (which sold out in just 17 minutes) and the overwhelming support of the community, the Pixel team is proud to announce the launch of PixelDebates.com.

PixelDebates is an NFT-powered card game themed around presidential debates.

PixelDebates TCG Game Board Teaser

The game has two components:

  1. NFT Debates…

Pixel | Games & Defi

Pixel is producing gamified NFT drops and play-for-reward games on the Tezos blockchain. Reach out if you’d like to make your next project pixel-powered!

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